Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Early Bird Catches Your Heart

Whats My Name?
She was supposed to be here at the end of August.

She was supposed to have "North Adams" on her birth certificate, not "Springfield".

She was supposed to have followed a carefully deliberated "birth plan".

She did none of these things.

But the one major thing she was supposed to do--capture us completely and make us swear everlasting love and concern for her well-being--well, this, she has done. In spades.

Happy 0th birthday, Piper. Welcome aboard. Hold on tight.


At Wed Jul 09, 04:50:00 PM EDT, Blogger Gary said...

Hey Kid: Pull my finger!
-Uncle Gary

At Thu Jul 10, 07:25:00 AM EDT, Blogger Amy said...

Welcome to the world Piper!

Ross, please let us know if the book club ladies can do anything to help.

All my best wishes to Tara, hope she is doing well.

At Thu Jul 10, 07:50:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

congrats...hope all is well...

At Fri Jul 11, 12:19:00 PM EDT, Blogger CJ said...

Congratulations! Now the fun begins.

At Sun Jul 13, 09:43:00 AM EDT, Blogger Ross said...

Thanks to all of you.

A quick update: We are STILL at Baystate as of Sunday morning 7/13. The complications that Tara developed which led to Piper's early arrival have still borne watching. They're not letting us go tonight; this is going to be Tara's NINTH straight night in the hospital. I've been here for the 8 of them down here in Springfield--the first one was up at NARH last Saturday.

Piper is still in the neonatal ICU. It's really hard to see your five-day old preemie daughter in an isolette, under the bili lights, with all her tubes and wires and careful notes (that damn Thomas Dolby song has been rolling through my brain non-stop). But she's doing well, considering what COULD be going on.

They're saying that we may be able to bring her back--either home or to NARH--in 7 to 10 days or so. Going to be another long week.

It's been a tough couple months, first with my dad in May, now my wife and my new daughter....I'm really, really tired.

But I'm grateful for everyone's support and good wishes--there've been a few times where it's literally gotten me through the day down here.

More later.

At Thu Jul 17, 06:11:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At Sat Jul 19, 08:13:00 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

if you're still down there eat the lido on taylor st...looks scary but it's cheap and good italian food.....

At Sat Jul 19, 05:42:00 PM EDT, Blogger Ross said...

Thanks for the tips, unknown stranger(s). As fun as Springfield has been, we're glad to be seeing the light at the end of the exit ramp.

Tara was given a clean bill of health and discharged last Thursday, after 13 days in the hospital. You folks holding the "I went through 18 hours of labor" over your kids' head: she got you beat.

And after 12 days of life in the NICU, we should be coming home as a family tomorrow, Sunday the 20th. Piper has gone a week without any issues; she's up five ounces over her birthweight (currently 4lb 11oz) and eating like a champ.

There's like a 8 or 10 thousand word magazine article in the whole story, so let's see if I can't take the gut-wringing kick in the emotional nuts that the last two-plus weeks have been and get something out of it.

More updates later.


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