Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The New Hotness

I resisted for as long as I could, but I'm on Facebook now.

Facebook is the new MySpace, which was the new Blogspot, which was the new Friendster, which was the new LinkedIn...which was, I dunno, the new Honda Civic with a bag of Fritos in the back seat.

Social networking sites are pretty cool in that you can catch up with people that you remember from way back when and see what they look like now. You hope they look a little older than you, but not too old, and that your kids are cuter than theirs, but that in general they're within 10 smidgens of your own particular happiness level. Too happy, and you want to smack 'em. Too sad, and you just don't want to deal with the bummerdom.

I've reconnected with family, with folks from most of my old bands, from high school, college, my time in Boston and New York, and my new friends here. It's kinda cool, thinking about old connections restored and that sort of thing. Real time updates and pointless pics and videos and links to stupid stories. And I don't have to come up with 800 words, a unique point of view, and a catchy turn of phrase. I can just post something like "I tried out for a play at the Main Street Stage this weekend and they politely told me to go pee up a rope"...and that's it. No annoying anonymous comments, no worries that someone's going to give me a pile and a half of crap. No, I'm leaving the internet pissing contests to the Topix posters over at the Transcript web site--have fun eating each over there, y'all--and if I get the notion to share some brain motion I'll drop some commotion into the blogspot ocean.

Til then, see you elsewhere.